I am now Happy, Healthy and Maintaining!! Pounds & Inches is my way of life! I am currently on R2P3. This blog is to help me keep track of my journey. You will find my daily weigh ins along with my daily menu. I will also use this blog to record recipes I have tried or want to try. Along with menus I look forward to making once I'm in P3 and/or P4.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Jan. 11th 2010 Weigh In

Today I am .6 lbs down weighing in at 127.8 pounds! That gives me 7.8 pounds gone this first week back on VLCD's from my Holiday Interruption and 7.8 pounds to go until my goal of 120. I thought it was funny those 2 #'s are the same!

I can go up to 30 more VLCD's until I MUST to go into P3. This way I will have at least one week of P4 under my belt before my birthday. I'm pretty sure I can loss those last 7.8 pounds within that time. I'm actually hoping to make my goal within the next 20 VLCD's so I have a few weeks of P4 in before the birthday cake and sushi dinner :0) in March.

I am Happy, Healthy and Reducing! I will be Happy, Healthy and Maintaining!

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