I am now Happy, Healthy and Maintaining!! Pounds & Inches is my way of life! I am currently on R2P3. This blog is to help me keep track of my journey. You will find my daily weigh ins along with my daily menu. I will also use this blog to record recipes I have tried or want to try. Along with menus I look forward to making once I'm in P3 and/or P4.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Julian Bread Ideas

Julian Bread ideas
Try this: pour some bacon grease in a pan and let it heat up. Meanwhile, dunk
the Julian bread in some whipped eggs with heavy cream, and fry it in the bacon
grease. You can use some sugar-free syrup and have a really decadent French
Toast. If you're feeling really scary, whip up some heavy cream with a bit of
stevia and put whipped cream on it.....

Fried in bacon grease, with almond butter spread on it

My favorite is either with butter, cinnamon and sweetener or cheese toast
(grilled cheese is too much). It is sooooooo good when the butter gets all
absorbed into the Julian.

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