I am now Happy, Healthy and Maintaining!! Pounds & Inches is my way of life! I am currently on R2P3. This blog is to help me keep track of my journey. You will find my daily weigh ins along with my daily menu. I will also use this blog to record recipes I have tried or want to try. Along with menus I look forward to making once I'm in P3 and/or P4.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weigh In

I've been very busy so can't always keep up with posting here. I will try to post more often :0).
Yesterday I spent 4 hrs. at the dentist and am now on antibiotics. I am hoping the don't cause me gains.
I have been doing Happily Thinner After Bootcamp. Sorry, I can't share my menu's here as that is part of the BC agreement. I am glad I joined though! BIZ has helped me find a menu that is getting me back into my LDW range. I am currently +3.6 pounds above my LDW, I was +6, yuck!
Today is day 20 of P3 for me so technically tomorrow is my last day of P3. I am going to continue with P3 longer as I really want my body to stabilize and I think adding other P4 things now would be a big mistake. I went 12 days with nothing but gains, trying alot of different ways of eating. I don't believe my body is very stable yet so I will wait to go into P4.

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